It starts from now…

27 Nov. 2019, it starts.

I’m going to start recording my life in the academy. I created the blog on my own server using WordPress.

I’d love to write something about my studies and technology which I’m really into. It is important, and now I started the research of quantum information science, this is the moment.

Here, I record what I’ve done with this blog website.

One important thing is making it supports Latex symbols, let me test here does it support Latex, here is the Schrödinger Equation:

$i \hbar \frac{d}{d t}|\psi\rangle=\hat{H}|\psi\rangle$

We need to install the plugin “Simple MathJax”.

However, the installation of plugins in WordPress requires FTP service, we can remove this limitation by inserting the following codes in “wp-config.php”:

define("FS_CHMOD_DIR", 0777);
define("FS_CHMOD_FILE", 0777);

then, we need to change the authentication code of the folder “wp-content/plugins” to 777, then we can successfully install the plugins.

In this new version of WP, bugs are everywhere, of course, it can’t stop me, but it does slow me down. Here another bug appears, it’s about the media files uploading: when I upload a PNG file, this error appears,

post-processing of the image failed. if this is a photo or a large image, please scale it down to 2500 pixels and upload it again.

by following the solutions mentioned in the official forum, my issue was not solved, however, I reproduced my image file and uploaded it in JPG format, this issue disappeared.

format, this issue disappeared.

Another critical issue is about the Block Editor, I can not save or even publish my posts, the solution is installing the plugin “Classic Editor“, and always use the Classic Editor.

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